Blogging Designers


Being a designer in 2014 means that you are not only talented and interested in the consumers, you also interact with the audience and open up your design process to the public.

Blogging and social media enables designers to be more in touch with the consumers and also open up the veil of secrecy between their design process and the audience. Just as in 2013, this year we are giving the contestants a chance to show what are they doing behind the scenes and many have already started.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.30.51 PM

So take a look at the contestant blogs, see what they’re planning to present next and engage in conversation! The next submission deadline is June 15 and this means that there will be a lot of new interesting content on the site very soon. You get to choose your favorite and vote and support them directly to the next stage. The rest of the Top 35 semifinalists are chosen by the Electrolux experts.




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