Design Lab 2014 Semi-finalists


More sustainable choices for a greener planet. The top 35 semi-finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition are announced after a careful selection process from over 1 700 submissions from around the world. The concepts represent this year’s Creating Healthy Homes theme within the focus areas of Air Purification, Culinary Enjoyment and Fabric Care. All concepts are different and uniques, but there are some trends to be seen in this year’s competition.

Head of Group Design at Electrolux and head of jury Lars Erikson comments on the submissions:


“This year’s Electrolux Design Lab semi-finalists have created visionary concepts that are prime examples of what you might see in the home of the future. They focus on connectivity, biomimicry, robotics, wearable tech, recycling and reusing materials, all promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyles at home—virtually in some cases. Overall, the concepts make our every day busy lives more efficient and our choices more sustainable for a greener planet.”

The global design competition is arranged for the 12th consecutive year and is conducted in stages, allowing the contestants to develop their concept throughout the process. After the semi-finalists answer the last brief of the competition in August there will also be a public voting, where the student whose concept receives the most public votes will be named the winner of the People’s Choice Award and will receive a prize of 1,000 Euros.

Top 6 finalists will be chosen by Electrolux experts in October and invited to a final event and awards gala in November. First prize will be awarded to the student that the judging panel highlight as creating a ground-breaking design solution of the future. This student will receive 5,000 Euros and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre; second prize is 3,000 Euros; and third prize is 2,000 Euros. See below a list and links to the semi-finalists.


Electrolux Design Lab 2014 Top 35 semi-finalists

Air Purification concepts:


1. LIO – Bulgaria

2. UrbanCone – Poland

3. HERO – Peru

4. Air & Life – Venezuela

5. BISE – India / France

6. Lotus – Turkey

7. Sanitary Sleep Station – United States

8. Lotus Flow – Australia

9. AMO – Romania

10.  ORBIS – Brazil

11.  Air Globe – Taiwan – People’s Choice vote #2 at Stage 2

12.  Petollar – Thailand

13.  EPHEMERIS – France


Culinary Enjoyment  concepts:


14.  Little Helper – Portugal

15.  Izotz – Spain

16.  Surphase – New Zealand / The Netherlands

17.  GARDEN POD – Romania

18.  Set To Mimic – Romania – People’s Choice vote #1 at Stage 2

19.  Yura – Ukraine

20.  Feasy – Brazil

21.  U-Bubble – China

22.  Cooreater – China

23.  Nanopack – Germany / Australia

24.  Grow Your Own Proteins – UK / France



Fabric Care  concepts:


26.  Zero Waste – Estonia

27.  Fabric Pen – Lithuania

28.  Pecera –  South Korea

29.  Vibrate Jelly Laundry – South Korea

30.  Luna – Colombia

31.  PETE – Hungary

32.  Instant Cleaning Glove – Romania

33.  Pure Towel – Mexico – People’s Choice vote #3 at Stage 2

34.  Dynamo – Mexico

35.  Fabric Assistances – UK / Turkey


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