Voting results Stage 2


The voting results for stage 2 have been confirmed, and the winners are…

Congratulations for Set To Mimic from Romania, Air Globe from Taiwan and Pure Towel from Mexico! Friends, families and fans engaged in an exciting voting round where Top 3 of the voting received direct access to Stage 3 among the Top 35. Thank you to all who took part in supporting the contestants, voting and sharing their incredible development work. The rest of the Top 35 are chosen by Electrolux experts.

Voting results_stage2

1# in the voting

Set To Mimic by Sorina Răsteanu, West University Of Timisoara

Set to Mimic is a set of smart kitchenware that recreates tastes and smells of your food to your preference. By placing a noninvasive transparent gel patch with a microchip on your head, the plate and glass communicates wirelessly with your brain, to make you experience a taste or smell from the past by tapping in to your memory. That way you can eat a carrot but have the impression that you’re eating an ice cream or a steak, which makes it easier to lead a healthy life.



2# in the voting

Pure Towel, Leobardo Armenta from Mexico, Universidad Autonoma De Ciudad Juarez

PureTowel is a smart towel hanger that instantly cleans your towel after usage, creating a cleaner and healthier bathroom. Using an ultra violet ray and a high speed dryer fan, it purifies and dries the towel in only a matter of seconds. By eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria in a towel and reducing humidity it helps the user to stay healthy and clean.



3# in the voting 

Air Globe, Pei-Chih Deng from Taiwan, National Taipei University Of Technology

Air Globe is an air purifier that can simulate the air of a designated area, making sure you can always enjoy the climate of your preference. The globe collects the real-time temperature, humidity, smell and sound and replicates it in your home. Users can spin the virtual globe by hand and move the chosen region under the magnifier-like viewfinder to have that atmosphere simulated.



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