Let’s meet in Paris!


The final voting stage has started and by supporting your favourite you now have the chance to join us in the final event in Paris!

The Electrolux Design Lab final event this year will take place in Paris November 12 in the coolest venue in the city, Electric. This imaginative venue is designed by the respected French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and has hosted some of the most interesting fashion and music venues organised in Paris in the recent years. We will take Design Lab to Electric, present six amazing concepts, choose the winners and celebrate innovation during a night to remember.

You too now have the chance to join the celebration by taking part in the People’s Choice voting and telling us, what is Healthy Home to you? By answering with an imaginative motivation, you and your friend can win a trip to Paris to the final event.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award of Design Lab 2014 and the most popular concept will be awarded with 1 000 €. The winner of the People’s Choice award is also announced in the final event.

Read more about the Vote & Win competition here and to read more about the voting stages throughout the competition and how to cast your vote, click here.

See you in Paris!


  1. Breny Sofia Ramirez Atauyuco wrote:

    In my opinion, healthy home refers to a concept that promotes not only safe , green culture, total wellness and sanitary housing, but also a hard work based in all aspects of a family, because if the family is reinvented, society will change for a better world and for future generations.

  2. Sofica Alina Mihaela wrote:

    In my opinion, a healthy home is the the house full of smelling good flowers, is a very clean house, is the house where i feel loved and blessed with my family. This kind of house must be near a small town, without pollution, and with a lot of green space. A healthy home is the place where all the familly members are feeling great one with another, and live in armony. I wish i can live in a Healthy Home, just like i describe it here!

  3. Sofica Tiberiu Valerian wrote:

    A healthy Home in my opinion is a very well bild house, with large windows, so the air can enter, with a lot of natural light from the outside, is near a lake and a forrest, with air filter sistem.

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