#AskFinalist and win an Ergorapido!


The final event of Design Lab 2014 takes place in Paris on November 12 and now you have the chance to follow the final event via live stream and also tweet a question to the finalists!

Once the six finalists step on stage at Electric in Paris, they will have ten minutes time to present their concepts after which the jury will ask them some questions. But now for the first time in Electrolux Design Lab history, YOU also get to ask a question from the finalist! Tweet your question* and remember to add the hashtags #AskFinalist and #DesignLab2014 with your question. Remember also to state which concept your tweet is for so we know which contestant to ask the question.

How to join #AskFinalist in Twitter? A few examples of the type of questions you can ask:

What is the technology behind UrbanCONE?  #AskFinalist #DesignLab2014

What was the inspiration for Set to Mimic?  #AskFinalist #DesignLab2014

How many PET bottles would I need to create a dress with PETE?  #AskFinalist #DesignLab2014

We will choose the 10 best questions and ask them during the live stream at the event starting at 16:30 CET on November 12. The people whose question will be chosen and asked will win an Electrolux Ergorapido! Watch the show live and you’ll get to see if your question will be asked!

So have a close look at the finalist concepts and think, what is the one thing you would want to ask the contestants? Watch the videos and read about the concepts. You can post a question starting from Monday November 3 until the end of the finalist Q&A on November 12, at 19:00 CET. We will post details about the event program closer to the event on Monday November 10 on the Design Lab blog. Remember also to follow Electrolux in Twitter for more updates.

*In order to tweet a question, you need a personal Twitter account.


Electrolux Design Lab 2014 Top 6 finalists

1. UrbanCone by Michał Pośpiech from Poland

Michal Pospiech from Poland



2. Lotus by Fulden Dehneli from Turkey

Fulden Dehneli from Turkey



3. Set To Mimic by Sorina Răsteanu from Romania

Sorina Rasteanu from Romania



4. FUTURE HUNTER-GATHERER by Pan Wang from China / UK

Pan Wang from China UK



5. PETE by Kovács Apor from Hungary

Kovacs Apor from Hungary



6. Pure Towel by Leobardo Armenta from Mexico

Leobardo Armenta from Mexico




Win the Electrolux Ergorapido

Ergorapido range 2014

The Electrolux Ergorapido is one of the most famou sand successful Electrolux innovations to date. It is a very stylish cordless vacuum cleaner, which is easy to use and so beautiful with it’s many colors that it naturally decorates your home, without feeling the need to hide it in the closet. As it is the 10 year anniversary of the Ergorapido and Electrolux has sold 10 million Ergorapidos worldwide, we also want to give away 10 products to celebrate this important milestone. The new self-standing design means that the product is easy to park anywhere , anytime. Read more about the Ergorapido here and about the Electrolux design history here.





  1. Alejandra wrote:

    Estaré super atenta a todo lo que ocurra esa tarde!!! y consultaré más, mientras pienso que puede ser mas interesante!!! porque me ENCANTARIA ganar una ERGORAPIDO!!!!! Me haría muy feliz no tener que preocuparme de agacharme para enchufarla, y son excelentes para las personas que sufrimos de las cervicales!!!!! Thanks a lot!!! Exitos!!!

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