Brief and Theme 2014

Each year, Electrolux Design Lab inspires design students all over the world, by painting a picture of the future as a starting point for their creative process.

In 2014 Electrolux Design Lab continues the expedition to the future visions of urban lifestyles. We draw inspiration from the desire to build a tomorrow that is sustainable and enjoyable as we focus on searching new ways of creating healthy lifestyles to our future homes.

You can also download a presentation about the DesignLab_2014_Brief.


The Challenge

The future challenges of the urban life lie within the change of the urban demographics; increase in the population of the busy and fully packed cities, in the growth of the ageing population as well as single households. At the same time the environment is changing and we are increasingly concerned over our personal health and the well-being of others. Signs of this can already be seen; unhealthy lifestyles are the cause of diabetes and obesity, lack of care can lead to increasing waste management issues are and our living environments are deteriorating so that we are not sure if they are healthy and safe for us to live in.

Nevertheless we want to enjoy life to the fullest and expect nothing but the best. Sustainability and ecological lifestyles are a new form of affordable luxury where we expect to receive all in the same package; innovative products and services with high performance and quality, immaculate style and beauty that reflect our personal taste, easy accessibility and experiences that desire to be shared as well as a holistically sustainable lifecycle where the products address a relevant need and are produced and consumed in a way that does not add unnecessary impact to the environment.

homes of tomorrow

The Direction

We want our homes to be the centre of relaxation and peace of mind. In 2014 we ask how can we in the future enjoy healthy well-being, live in pleasant environments and take care of ourselves and others in a way that is creative, sustainable and effortless?

Electrolux Design Lab is searching ideas for products, accessories, consumables and services for Creating Healthy Homes in three focus areas:

  • Culinary Enjoyment
  • Fabric Care
  • Air Purification


Focus 1 – Culinary Enjoyment

Cooking and preparing food can be a form of relaxation and safe haven in a hectic urban society, a chance to stop and enjoy the moment with all your senses. To get the most out of the dining experiences, people are becoming more interested in what they are eating, where the food is from as well as how the food looks on the plate in front of them. The need to connect with food tells about our desire to take better care of ourselves, eat healthier meals and ingredients of better quality, thus also reflecting how food has become a form of self-expression.

Design challenge: Which inspiring and motivating solutions within culinary enjoyment can be designed to support the desire for healthier lifestyles in future homes?

Focus 2 – Fabric Care

Our interest in style together with the increasing concern for the environment lead us to seek for aesthetic solutions to make our homes look good in a way that does not create unnecessary burden to the environment. Sustainable and stylish solutions ensure that people can design their homes to support their personal taste and lifestyle in a long lasting way. We are looking for a good balance between creative, high quality fabric care and effective time management as well as design solutions that do not use extensive amounts of natural resources, waste water or electricity. This enables us to maintain the style and quality of the variety of garments we wish to delight us day after day, without burdening the environment or having the need to constantly update our wardrobe and linen or throw them away.

Design challenge: How can design solutions within fabric care offer support to the desire for sustainable, stylish and well managed homes?

Focus 3 – Air Purification

Good air quality in our homes can transform our living environments into energizing spaces or relaxing sanctuaries, taking care of our wellbeing in an effortless way. An active home life with a variety of house routines requires support to the different aspects of our lives; such as cooking, entertaining, sleeping, as well as care taking of children and pets. This means also having flexible and innovative air quality management solutions. Affecting our physical wellbeing and our mood, creative air purification solutions can provide us means for a calm, safe place to enjoy our everyday lives and at the same time feed our desire for enhanced experiences.

Design challenge: How can air purification be designed in a way that enhances the quality of the different activities in our living environments and addresses specific needs?


Selection Criteria

The Electrolux Design Lab professionals will focus on the following key criteria when evaluating your design:

  • Does the design truly answer the brief?
  • Does it encompass intuitive design?
  • Is it innovative?
  • Has it been based on consumer insight?
  • Is the concept aesthetically pleasing?

Additionally, and in keeping with the heritage of Electrolux, your concept should reflect Scandinavian design values by being sensitive to the environment, meaningful and relevant, whilst providing intuitive ease of use.

Find out more about the submission criteria and read about the rules.

Submission deadline for a concept idea, visual sketch and consumer motivation: Sunday 6th April 2014 (23:59.59 Central European Time). The competition opens for submissions 1st March 2014.


1st prize: €5,000 + 6 months paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.

2nd prize: €3,000

3rd prize: €2,000

People’s Choice: €1,000