Love your pet and forget allergies

By Thanut Chaovakul, Thailand

3 Stage - Visual Development

  • Petollar - Stage - Visual Development
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What is the concept Petollar?

Petollar makes it possible for people with allergies to have pets. It consists of one small piece, the Minuze that is attached to the pet, that disperses negative ions in the dirt floating in the air, and one larger piece, the Petollar, that uses suction to remove the impurities. In addition to cleaning the air, Petollar also lets the user locate the pet if it runs off.

What was the inspiration behind your concept?

Beginning from an acquaintance of mine who love pet very much. However he is allergic to wool. Even though it is not very serious but the itching eyes, runny nose, looks quite difficult for him and he need to see a doctor when the symptoms worse. So I got the idea of the concept of Petollar with wish to help people who are allergic can pet without any health problems.

How do you think your concept will change peoples’ lives?

Petollar have the ability to reduce the factor of allergy to animal fur. That means the people who cannot have pets because of allergies then can have pet, even the people who already pet. In addition, they also reduce pollution from small dust in the air with ionizer system, the methodology of petting would change. Pet, source of air pollution then will become an assistant in the fresh-air purifier, let the owners to get good air inside their houses.

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2 Stage - Concept Development

Petollar the device to take care your pet and also help remove dirt in the air which are factors of the incidence of allergy by your smart pet.

  • Concept images
  • Design details
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
  • Petollar - Stage - Concept Development
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Expert feedback

Great development work with good visuals and pictures. In the Stage 3 we ask you to create one more image in use of context, to showcase how does the concept look and feel in the home when the concept is in use. More importantly, please express how does the concept’s air cleaning function, what is the technology behind the concept and how efficient is the function. Good luck in Stage 3!

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1 Stage - My concept

This is a device to purify the air inside the house reduce the factors that cause allergies with the help of your pet and electrostatic dust removal.

  • Petollar - Stage - My concept
  • Petollar - Stage - My concept
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Expert feedback

The intensive activity of pets makes this device a good example of point of use solutions. It´s an excellent proposal of the emotional reward of a product: play while performing a task. When developing the concept, we suggest you do not forget to make the concept also very confortable for the pet.

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Healthy Home in my opinion to be Petollar.

  • Healthy Home in my opinion to be Petollar.

Home for health in my opinion must comprise with the elements that strengthen the good health such as fresh air, a kitchen to cook well and clean, aseptic areas in the house, etc. But that’s not enough because even how much good was the physical health, but the mental health was bad, it can’t be a good healthy since it will lead you to many illness such as-stomach stress disorder, depression, high blood pressure,stress and so on.So in my opinion, a home for health must develop both physical and mental health together.

However a home for health should strengthen not just only the health of the person living in the house but should be beneficial to other members of the house which are the pets. Because the pets should have good physical and mental health as well. This reduces illness and make them live with humans more happily.

From above concept, leading to the concept of Petollar which used the air purifier aspect as a part in the creation of favorable factors in a home for health and integrated its operation with the pets. Thus the pets would help development of the human’s physical and mental health.

On the physical aspect such as the pets help to purify the air by cooperation with Petollar, taking the pets for a walk and get exercise and so on.

On the mental health aspect such as happiness from playing with the pets, having a friend beside you all the time and so on.
(You can see more physical and mental benefits from this link )

In addition, Petollar is the integrated systems to help you take care for your pet easier. You can monitor their health easily. These all are for the health of the pets.

My funny presentation before main presentation on Stage 3

  • My funny presentation before main presentation on Stage 3

before i’m made this presentation. i’m watching more joke vines about the pets and i got funny inspiration before i’m watch that !!

But i’m don’t use it in my official presentation because I think it looks too playful. But i’m really want to share it to public because it really funny for me. haha

Or maybe i’m easily amused. 😀

And this work is a result of my inspiration. (haha)

Comments from the person with allergic to fur.

  • Comments from the person with allergic to fur.

I had the opportunity to talk with people who have problem on this issues and ask their comments about Petollar which there are many persons both the persons who have allergies and avoid to pet and the persons with allergies but still pet.I have had listened to so many ideas so I will divide the consumers into three major groups as follows.

1. Start from the persons with allergy and try to keep away from the pets. This group often have had very bad illness from allergies. The symptoms are quite hard breathing that almost suffocate. Some people have to wear a mask. This group of people have very bad experience about the pets fitted in their head such as used to be chased or bite by a dog, got annoyed and did not love the pets.When I talked about my work. There were some interesting trends, some said if it work effectively they would like to try and tell their relatives who should have to find one. (Oops!)Some say that would like to try if available so they may feel more comfortable with the pets. However, there are many people who say no because they do not like animals and think that it is a burden.

2. The second group is a group of people who interested in pet but could not because of allergies.Basically, this group do love animals or don’t have so much bad attitude with animals.And when I had a chance to talk about my concept, all of this group was very interested.I assume that most likely comes from the experience they never have. But when there is something to make their wish come true so they were very interested.

3. The last group is the group of people who have allergies, but still pet. Definitely, when I presented this idea every one accept to have a device that could solve their problems.But this group is different from the above groups. They know the behavior of the pet and what are the problems of the pet.So this group has proposed several ideas which could help them to take care their pet easier such as excretion alerts, inform tick and flea problem. Because to find out a flea have to pushedthe fur raising which will make them a difficulties breathing at every time of a flea searching.

For all of these, thanks to all people I have made inquiries. Several suggestion I would adopt to full fill the function of Petollar, next.

Behavioral traits Minuz record

Minuz in addition to work with Petollar to purify the air, another very important function is to record behavioral traits of the pets in order to assessmentand present as health status and needs of the pets that the owners could see by using the data and statistical principles and the average taken as the primary of assessment.( Should let Minuzrecore the data for a proper period to get the major average value to be used as reference since each animal has not same behavior.)

The categories to be assess are as follows.
1. The impact = like a human step counter. I used this subject with the pets to assess their health by using a measurement of walking, scratch. Walking is quite important since it affects the health that can be significant present outsince if pets were sick their walking rate is decrease similar to the sick human keep slept down. Scratching can use for the measure of the parasite such as fleas, ticks and skin allergy symptoms
2. Pet movement use to check the health and happiness by emphasizes detection of tail muscle since waving tail can tell us their mood and health at that time. Use the Motion Capture Camera (like Kinect from Xbox) to record and calculate pet movement

3. Body temperature, similar to humans. Used to detect the health problems. If the temperature goes too low or too high then they have a fever.
4. Life pulse is used to measure heart rate. A factor in health inspection.

From all of these, you can pre-assess your pet’s health. In fact there is much more assessment in deep to find out the illness cause but much be done by an experienced person.

And from the following figures of the tail according to the emotions and actions that will occur.

More deep research and the effect to the operation.

From the previous section, I discussed about the information that made the shape changed. This section will be the information that effect to the functional operation of Petollar. For example, the dirt suction,the data sensing, etc. For precision of these information for the operation of the functions. I has consulted with a specialist vet for advice in these information.

The interesting example information is the issue of hair fall in pets. The vet provide the information that each pet will have a certain period of moulting twice a year and would be the same period of every year such as Sparky Husky dog hair fall is in January and October.And other factor of hair fall could be the growth to puberty, the baby animal hair turns to growth animal hair, parturition, imperfect parenting such malnutrition, shampooallergies which may affect the skin itching. The last two issue have the effect of creating a function check the pet’s health from

Minuz by send message to smart phone to inform the owner about the problem of the pet which the owner may not notice such as scratching statistic which if more than average may indicate the skin problem.

In addition,other behaviorsof interestsuch as biting only thing can chew,remembering the owner would scold if do something, unusual acting (Normally they run so often but today did not, so can assume that the pet has a problem), having more than two pets which may not occur in the persons with allergies since only one pet would be enough but for a person who love pets, even though there is no problem of allergies but problems from hair loss, excretion, may make a dirty home.So they can choose to focus on their individual pets such as in this month sparky would stray their hairs so take focus on them first or every morning at 8.00 sparky will excrete thus warning sparky case first then the others in order, etc.

And why have to message to the smart phone? Smart phones are what people always carry with because of many factors such as social network, games or waiting for news etc. So get this benefit by using an app to control Petollar.

Getting out for information research. The shape of the work-piece changes.

I have had researched with many people, both in and outside the country. Ask the question about problem of pet, browsed through the animal lover group web-boards to study their inner of the really love animal person. (Even though I used to pet, exactly I might not have as much inner as some people in this group.) From the Research found that the information is not so much different from the information presented in the first stage. This should be a good sign to reiterate that I’m on the right way, such as allergy symptoms, system operation, a device that present the pet health problem in easy way, etc. but at the same time there is some information even though it is a very few issue but has effect to the design change dramatically.

The first issue is that, the pet is not always in a single room. This is just a leaf screening the eye, from begin. I was surprised why I overlooked it. Since the old design could not move, just turn able only. Therefore, that need to adjust almost all new design to support the movement of the pet. At this point, I have added the device motion to solve this issue and more develop the ability to control this device via the Petollar’s video camera so we could see how are our pet when we are not at home.

Second issue, the collar, it should be small issue but not at all, the problem is about size of the pet’s neck, which I based on two types of the popular pet, cat and dog. Their neck size are to much difference. Even in the beginning design, Minuz’s circumference was scalable but may not cover all large dog. Next problems should we think is very small. In alternately made the design of Minuz dramatically changed, they are color and style of the collar.Believe it or not, asking the pet owners with high inner. He was meticulous with the collar of his many beloved pets.Some have multiple collars for change when taking the dog outside or to choose a color to match the pets.This is a challenge because at the first time, Minuz is a collar made of plastic.
and has electronic part. Of course, it would not good for a person who likes change the collars or select color, designs to match their pet.So, I changed the design of Minuz to become a device that will lock on to the existing collar instead. In order to attach Minuz to any collar and reduce the consumption and collar’s weight which is a burden on the neck of the pet.

The last issue, someone had suggested that it would be great if Petollar is more than a tool since it can cause the appearance of boundary of our own pets. At this point, many had suggested that should make the products more friendly to the pet too. Include help improve taking care the pet.(The Board of Electrolux also had recommend this issue too.) In terms of pet care since it was put into the concept in the first stage. But to make it even more clear in this stage.Most interesting part is pet friendly. For this issue, I studied animal behavior by focusing on the pet playing because most pets usually have its own toys.(If the owner bought)One of most behavior of the popular pet is mauling so I combined the rocking doll gimmicky with Petollar in order to let the pet can play and get better acquainted with Petollar also including fall prevention of Petollar.

And all of that is a notable example that has effect to changes of the design of Petollar. In fact, there are some more little detail but not affect the shape change too much, it is a matter of usage, the different of operation. Please keep following and vote to encouraged my work, thank you.

Sketch picture of Petollar on development.

  • Sketch picture of Petollar on development.
  • Sketch picture of Petollar on development.
  • Sketch picture of Petollar on development.

For the given opportunity to work in the Development stage (thanks to the committee for voting my design), so I have had chance to deeply study into the needs and habits of the consumers. Including our pets, too.This has resulted in the development of new functions coming up. Challenge is how to make all new functions well designed can fit in one piece but not too many functions like Doraemon’s magic pocket. Including a novel and unique design.

So I made the sketch start from problems and characteristic information of both people and animals, sketched one by one. Finally, blended them all to the design that you will see in this stage.

Pets have never pretend sick, Lead to a solution and pet care.

Expression of the pet is very straight forward,little change in its behavior may mean it became ill or has certain disorders. So I have taken this appearance of a pet applied in to the collar Minuz’s feature that can indicate the abnormalities of the pet by using the interested statistics for example the scratch statistic of the normal dog is 10 times per day but today the dog scratch 50 times. The assumption is that there may be problems with the skin.

In addition, the statistics also include walking, eating, excretion, etc. The statistics record by detection of muscles appearance of the pet.Such a seating is a shifting of the muscles around the mouth and throat, muscles contraction, fawning that indicate the excretion pain, etc. (which will develop to pet mood indicator)

Pets help promote your health.

Moreover the pet is a good friend of human. The pet also significant helps promote the health of its owner. For example, take the dog out for a walk let you have exercise.

So the following link I would let everyone see is about the health benefits to the pet owners those are all about 27 issues.

That’s so many, right? Has anyone seen this and want to have a pet yet.

Let see in this link!!

One part of my inspiration.

I was one of many people that raised pet. Anyway, there is the reason making me feel horrible of raising it. Losing them is the reason, harshly. My Shih Tzu dog, Fluke, died. It took such a quite long period of time to get over it. I cannot deny the time we had shared when it was alive, it was such a flawlessly memorable moment.

Indeed, I would like everyone to feel that perfectly memorable of time sharing with their own pets. Especially, the group of people who have allergy cannot have pets. I want them to feel and experience the feeling of pet’s friendship and fidelity that they have no idea of losing you.

Though, my work is currently just a conceptual idea that has not known of becoming reality. I believe that at least there is a way for allergic people to raise pets and I want everyone trying to raise them too. I also believe that you will be absolutely happy.

Such as this clip, let’s look at their loveliness. : D