What to submit

To take part in the Design Lab 2015 competition we ask students to submit a description of a concept idea, a visual sketch and consumer motivation by 8th April for the first evaluation stage. The best entries are placed online, after which the entrants will go through more selection stages before reaching the finals. This selection method enables entrants to initially concentrate on the most important part: the concept.



Required Submission Content for Stage 1

Deadline of approved content for 1st submission stage is Wednesday  8th April 2015. The registration will open on the Design Lab web site Wednesday 4th March 2015.

Profile description:

– Personal details including name, nationality, university, type of education, country of university, a photograph and a short description of yourself.

Concept description:

– Choose focus under the theme of Healthy Happy Kids: Cooking, Fabric Care or Air Purification

– Choose category: Product, accessory, consumable, service (can choose several)

– Title: maximum 25 characters (incl. spaces)

– Brief Description: Impress us with your idea in maximum 150 characters (incl. spaces)


– Description of the idea: maximum 1000 characters (incl. spaces)

Consumer Motivation:

– Description of the consumer motivation: what consumer insight is the submission based on and why would a consumer want to have your concept in their home. Maximum 500 characters (incl. spaces)


Upload one or two images of your entry. The purpose of the visual sketch is to illustrate the idea (a drawing by hand or a computer generated image, both are accepted at the first stage). We kindly ask you not to add text into the images as this will make the images clearer and visually more appealing. Use the “Idea” and “Consumer Motivation” text to explain your concept. Images need to be in the following format:

– File format: JPG

– File size: max. 5mb

– Colour space: RGB


Selection stages

After you have submitted your design, experts from Electrolux will review your work and you will be notified by e-mail if you are chosen to go through to the next submission stage. Your work will then also be placed online. After each evaluation stage the applicants remaining in the competition will be given the next brief. Whilst the holistic picture is important, you are free to develop the concept as you see best and at each stage you will be evaluated on whether the submission answers the brief requirements of that specific submission stage.

During the process we ask you to develop your concept, the visual expression and design. We also ask you to be prepared to answer questions regarding feasibility and the technology that your idea is based on. More information about the selection stages will be announced in the beginning of 2015.

Want to know more? Before you submit your concept, it is important to read the brief and the  rules section.