What’s the scope?

In the past few years Electrolux Design Lab has been developed to a more socially interactive direction. By giving you more possibilities during your design process, you will have the chance to get the most out of both your participation in the competition and your path to becoming the winner of the 2015 edition of Design Lab.


The entry can be a product, accessory,
consumable or service

Each year the Design Lab competition has collected thousands of wonderful ideas for innovative household appliances of the future. The competition is breaking beyond the industrial dimension of the competition and invites all design students and recent graduates to take part in the competition, whilst also widening the brief: your design solution entry can be a product, accessory, consumable or service, or even all of them. Focus on the design solution you wish to achieve with your entry and let the form of the design serve the need.

Make it to the next round and continue
developing your concept

Design is an evolving process where the idea is king. We are looking for entries with a holistic approach, but are also developed in stages, with a core emphasis placed on detail. By 6th April, submit a concept idea and a sketch and we will choose the best ideas to enter the competition. Develop your concept even further and you will reach the submission stages that follow. Finally, when the concepts are fine tuned into impressive future design solutions, the best submissions will be selected as finalists, and the concepts will presented to a jury of professionals.

Best submissions will be published online
and can be promoted in social media

The best submissions will be placed online and receive instant global recognition. This will present a wide array of fresh young talents with unique ideas that are locally relevant and globally inspiring. Blog about your concept and share the submissions in social media to receive more recognition. Gather votes to become the most popular contestant and you will get direct access to the next competition stage. Collecting the most online votes at the final stage will see you go home with a People’s Choice Award and 2, 000 Euros.

Electrolux professionals will give
feedback on the best ideas

Once your submission is placed online, you can receive feedback from the public on your designs; but not only from the public, as skilled professionals will also offer comment. Experts from Electrolux will be viewing and evaluating your submission, whilst also taking part in the conversation by giving encouraging feedback and comments at each submission stage.

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