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Winner of Electrolux
Design Lab 2013


by Adrian Perez Zapata, Colombia

Electrolux Ideas Lab is an evolution of the discontinued Design Lab competition. Launched first time ever in 2016 with Electrolux Ideas Lab, we now invite everyone who is 18 years and older to join the conversation and compete with great ideas.
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Electrolux Design Lab 2013

Inspired Urban Living

We invite you to be inspired by the best of 2013.

In 2013, the direction for the Electrolux Design Lab competition was derived from a growing driver in urbanisation, as an increasing number of the population shift from living in open rural locations into densely populated areas.
For the first, three focus areas were presented as the competition searched for design innovations as products, accessories, consumables or service that would be seen as a breakthrough within the sector of Social Cooking, Natural Air or Effortless Cleaning.

Design Lab 2013 finalists

Discover the eight Design Lab 2013 finalists.


Mab is an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of flying mini-robots. The robots clean surfaces by touching them with a drop of water. Mab scans the house, determine the areas to clean and sends the robots flying.

Global Chef

Global Chef is a kitchen appliance that brings people together all across the world by using laser hologram technology. With the help of the appliance you can cook with your loved ones or take cooking lessons from top chefs.


Nutrima calculates the nutritional values, possible toxins and freshness of your food. The appliance is foldable, easy to bring along and supported by an app mapping your experiences giving tips of resellers with high quality ingredients.

Kitchen Hub

Kitchen Hub is a household food stock controller helping you know what ingredients you have at home and when they expire. You can reduce food waste, find recipes and coordinate with the individual diets of each family member.


OZ-1 is an air purifier and stress reliever to be worn as a necklace. The fashion piece cleans the air and emits aroma therapeutic and scents, both covers and scents to OZ-1 can be chosen according to taste and preference.


The 3F vacuum cleaner can change form and expand to suit the task required. This remote controlled and programmable cleaner can be used in compact or wide mode, as it also scents the air according to the fragrance of your choice.


Atomium is a 3D printer that uses molecular ingredients to construct food layer by layer. Draw the shape of the food you would like to eat and show it to the appliance. Atomium scans the image and prints food in the desired shape.

Breathing Wall

Breathing Wall is a wall integrated air cleaning concept which pulsates and changes shape as it cleans the air. It can be customized to suit individual needs as it also scents the air you breathe and changes color according to your choice.

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Design Lab 2014 Theme

The popular global design competition that this year received over 1,700 submissions from over 60 countries is now launching the theme for 2014. In its 12th year, the Electrolux Design Lab competition addresses the issues of health and sustainability under the theme of Creating Healthy Homes.

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Internship at Electrolux – what it’s really like

Copying papers, arranging files, assisting with prototypes… that’s what you’d expect from a normal internship. For the winner of 2012 Electrolux Design Lab the six-months paid internsip was quite a surprize.


Flying mini-robot cleaners win Design Lab 2013

What does the future of the home hold? Flying mini-robot cleaners, expanding walls that filter the air and 3D food printers are just some of the visions in the Electrolux Design Lab competition, arranged now for the 11th consecutive year.