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2013-03-11 | 1 Comment

Cleaning concepts with an inspiring twist


The focus on Effortless Cleaning for this year’s Design Lab competition theme stems from a desire to live in a more enjoyable way with the help of easy and effortless cleaning solutions while having to adapt to living in more compact apartments.

As the future cities growing in population, it will consequently also result into increasing space constraints within urban areas. Our homes become more compact and integrated, room for cleaning appliances is significantly reduced and so smart and visually inspiring design solution are required. Time saving concepts are also desired by consumers more than ever and so making the laborious daily cleaning tasks easier should be at the forefront of thinking and creation for designers. But how can you design inspiring design solutions to such demanding future challenges? As the deadline for the 2013 Design Lab competition comes closer, we have a look back to some of the most inventive cleaning concepts from the  previous Design Lab competitions.


The Spot Cleaner (winner 2011): Adrian Mankovecky, Slovakia
Whether you are a keen back packer or a frequent business traveler you will be won over by this small portable cleaner. The Spot Cleaner stays true to its name and allows the user to clean specific spots, without having to use a full size washing machine. Firstly separate the two components, place on either side of the garment and choose the suitable cleaning program. Negative Ions and steam refresh clothing and remove stains. Powered with a sugar crystal battery, you can use it practically anywhere in the world.


Robo TAPcleaner (2011): Gyu Ha Choi, South Korea
Robo TAP is a smart evolution of the robotic vacuum cleaner used to target an exact area for cleaning. It allows the user to precision steer the robot vac to a specific location simply by tapping the floor with a foot. An IPS system aligned with a simple remote control is attached to the shoe or slipper of the user. Two taps on a dirty spot directs the Robo TAP to the precise area for cleaning. Two more taps will cancel the order and three taps returns the vacuum cleaner to its automatic program.


Bifoliate (2009): Toma Brundzaite, Lithuania
Bifoliateis a space-saving, wall-mounted double dishwasher, which allows the user to put dirty dishes in one compartment and use the other as a shelf for clean dishes. Bifoliate was inspired by the fact that putting clean dishes from the dishwasher away in the cupboard is often a tedious job. Bifoliateuses ultrasonic wave technology to clean, making it more efficient and eco-friendly than today’s dishwashers.


Renew (2009): Louis Filosa, USA
Renew is a smart steamer that refreshes and cleans clothes. With two steam blades, Renew “blasts” garments clean. An infrared scanner and radio frequency identification gather information about a garment from specifically designed clothing tags. Renew is safe to use and disables the steamer if an unidentified object is detected. An OLED touch screen allows interaction; Renew conserves space and is made of recycled aluminum and glass.


Naturewash (2009): Zhenpeng Li, China
Naturewash is a waterless washing machine that uses negative ions to wash nano-coated fabrics. Horizontal in shape, the washing machine has three touch-screen settings: clean clothes, grass scent and flower scent. A user can lie or sit on Naturewash to clean or refresh the clothes they are wearing. In order to obtain a more thorough clean, clothes can also be placed flat on the washer.


E-wash (winner 2007): Levente Szabó, Hungary
E-Wash is a compact washing machine with a regular wash load capacity that uses soap nuts instead of regular detergents. The inspiration for E-Wash came from the polluting effect of both the washing process and the production of the detergent. The soap nut is a natural plant and as such is eco-friendly. Furthermore, the size has been radically reduced to fit into a small living space, while not compromising on wash load capacity.



Eclipse vacuum cleaner (2005): Erik Andershed, Australia
The design philosophy behind the Eclipse was to remove many of the current problems associated with vacuum cleaners. The Eclipse incorporates sensor-controlled navigation, which allows it to automatically move around obstacles. This unique feature enables the cleaning solution to follow you around as you clean.

vaccum cleaner_image_2


Dust Mate (2005): Sebastian Alberdi and Gustavo Maggio, Spain
Dust Mate looks like a pair of sports shoes, except where shoes normally track dirt throughout the home, Dust Mate shoes have been transformed into cleaning apparatus. As you walk, the base each shoe collects the dust on the floor. This concept successfully combines an innovative and compact vacuum engine, with strong, flexible materials to provide a unique and strainless experience for the user. The concept could be simply defined as “cleaning whilst living”, as cleaning becomes an unconscious by-product of everyday life.



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