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2013-06-19 | 1 Comment

Presenting the semifinalists



A breathing wall that cleans the air, a hologram cooking appliance to prevent loneliness and a robotic cleaning appliance running on kinetic energy. These are some of the innovative concepts chosen as the top 20 semifinalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 competition.

Addressing the brief of Inspired Urban Living, these concepts now face one last challenge before their creators step in front of the jury to compete for the main prize of EUR 5,000 and a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre.

This year’s Electrolux Design Lab semi-finalists have been chosen with a wide perspective by professionals from Electrolux Design, R&D and Marketing Innovation. In addition the public has had a chance to influence the selection as two of the semi-finalists were chosen through online voting. The semi-finalists were picked from over 1 700 ideas from over 60 countries and have worked their way through several selection stages. Having developed the concept and the visual details of their ideas, the next stage is functionality development.

“The submissions in Design Lab 2013 are surprising, thought provoking and of high quality,” said Design Director and Head of Jury, Thomas Johansson. “It has been an exciting process to follow the competitors as they develop their concepts online, to give them feedback and to engage them in conversation. We have seen good ideas develop into great concepts by these talents and we are interested to see how these concepts are developed further.”

Some of the trends to be seen in this year’s competition reflect the desire for healthier home environments with clever, fun and surprising solutions.

“There are some common trends that this year’s concepts are tapping into to make cooking, cleaning and air cleaning more inspiring in the future. In many of the concepts we can see that one important future aspiration is to make our homes healthier and to address personal needs. We want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and this is clearly reflected in these concepts. And here nature steps in as an important source of inspiration both for functionalities and design language; we can see a lot of biomimicry in many of the designs. The technological solutions in the concepts offer smart solutions for social cooking, beautiful appliance accessories and a bit of fun through 3D printing and domestic robots. These designs are clever and not too serious, they delight and surprise us and the same time offer us solutions based on true needs.”


Electrolux Design Lab 2013 Top 20 semi-finalists


  1. 3F – France
  2. Breathing Wall – Korea
  3. Nutrima – Finland
  4. Cellular Pillow – China
  5. Music Yue – China
  6. Atem – Poland
  7. OZ-1 – Singapore
  8. Kitchen Hub – Spain / Italy
  9. Mab – Colombia
  10. Ohita – Mexico
  11. Harvest Matching – Taiwan
  12. Global Chef – Sweden
  13. Sea Breeze – Hungary
  14. Air Drop – US
  15. Jell Balls – Korea
  16. Orbita – Spain
  17. Atomium – Brazil
  18. Hand Tree – Russia
  19. Coco – Latvia
  20. 2D Kitchen – Netherlands






  1. LUCIANA wrote:

    OZ -1. Să fie atât de simplu cu un dispozitiv care alungă mirosul urât de țigară? Funcție atât de utilă! Cei care fumează știu cam cât de urât e mirosul de tutun impregnat în haine și asta o știu chiar și cei care nu fumează, dar au nenorocul să fie în același local/birou cu un fumător. Dispozitivul e foarte util și practic și poate fi folosit și pe post de accesoriu, la guler sau poate la buzunarul de la piept. Cred că dispozitivul poate avea succes și în rândul doamnelor și domnișoarelor, mai atente la mirosuri și mai dotate de la natură cu simț olfactiv, care pot folosi OZ-1 și pentru a pulveriza parfum. Cu un design potrivit, OZ-1 poate fi un cadou apreciat de reprezentantele sexului frumos, dar nu numai, precum și pentru fumători sau pentru cei care vor sa respire un aer mai curat.

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