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2013-07-15 | No Comments

SEAbreeze – transporting the benefits fresh sea air and water to the city


Fanni Csernátony from Hungary first thought of her design was: “why don’t we make better use of one of earth’s most precious resources?” and so the idea of SEAbreeze started.



What interests you most about being a designer?

Design is such a versatile discipline. No two projects are the same and you have to always adapt your thinking to fit the brief. When I start a project, I always immerse myself in the subject – it’s my favorite part of the design process. In fact, for this competition I’ve had to learn biology, psychology, halo-therapy and nanotechnology. I’ve focused on product design because the category is so broad. It can encompass everything from: home appliances, furniture to interiors.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience SEAbreeze in the home?

First and foremost, you would feel relieved to come home and experience air that is fresher than outside. After a deep breath, you would feel your nerves calm, as your lungs are purified of polluted city air. Sitting down in an armchair to relax, you could close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting at the seashore inhaling the clean, salty air before enjoying fresh water from one of the bottles SEAbreeze has already filled and filtered. I would feel so proud to see the product made a reality.


What was the inspiration behind your idea?

I was carrying out research about sustainability for another project when I came across an interesting article about water shortage – it made me think “why don’t we make better use of one of earth’s most precious resources?” I then uncovered the benefits of seawater, and found that in some cases it has advantages to fresh water. This was almost a year ago, but as soon as I read the brief for the competition this thought resurfaced and I had to start developing it immediately.


What has it been like to be in the competition?

At every stage I’ve faced different challenges. It’s been great that I’ve had the opportunity to develop the initial concept into something more detailed and complex – this has made the competition both testing and exciting. The expert feedback from the Electrolux professionals has been useful and motivating. However, the most enjoyable aspect has been the actual design process. It’s been particularly rewarding to find a solution to an outwardly unsolvable problem and see everything come together.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

Everyone has been really helpful and supportive when it comes to voting and I’ve received a lot of encouraging feedback from my friends – I’ve even been congratulated by people I barely know. My family is very proud of course, but what has been most amazing is the feedback from the media that have appeared about SEAbreeze, and the comments from strangers who are so product to have a Hungarian in the competition. My teachers and fellow students from my university have also been very supportive. I can’t thank all of them enough.


Thank you!

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