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2013-07-17 | No Comments

Mab – a magical automated cleaning system



Adrian Perez from Colombia explains his concepts as little ‘fairies’ flying around and cleaning your home. He got this idea when he saw all the bees swarming around in the University garden.

mab pic

What interests you most about being a designer?

The designer is the first link in the production chain. Their vision can shift paradigms, help create a utopian world and ultimately make decisions that can impact on the environment for the better. These are the reasons why I decided to be a designer.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience Mab in the home?

Mab only requires a short initial configuration to function autonomously, so you could arrive home and see a swarm of mini-robots roaming around cleaning independently. This means you could sit back and relax, as you observe with great astonishment the little Mab ‘fairies’ working their magic autonomously.


What was the inspiration behind your idea?

I was in my university gardens when I started to think about the concept of ‘effortless cleaning’.  This was proceeded with me coming up with puns for ‘effortless’ which led to the idea of ‘no work’ and the idea of no human intervention. This then lead me to the idea that cleaning could be akin to the magical way the human body purifies itself, specifically through the function of the liver without any instruction. In the garden, I also observed the controlled flight of bees pollinating a flower, and how magical it is to see swarms of bees working together.


What has it been like to be in the competition?

The most satisfying aspect has been receiving feedback from the experts, and for them to take an interest in my work. It’s also been very rewarding to compete with designers from a variety of countries. The most challenging aspect has been to produce the renderings for the competition and the use of RAL colors because it is a knowledge that I only acquired recently.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

They’re all so proud, but thanks to the voting stage my success in the contest has also been a source of great national pride.  My success has provided people with a reason to believe in and support creativity in Colombia.  I’ve even become a role model for Colombian design students.


Thank you!

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