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2013-07-19 | 1 Comment

Atem – opens your home to the outside world


Małgorzata Blachnicka from Poland moved from the mountains to a small flat in the city and thats when she got her first idea for Atem, a concept that cleans the air but also enchanting shadows and inflections of colours.

atmen pic


What interests you most about being a designer?

When I started my studies I was most interested in fashion design, but as I’ve progressed through my studies my interests have evolved.  I like to design not only to fulfill new functions, but also new notions that can help shape and influence lifestyles for the better.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience Atem in the home?

You would not spot Atem immediately, but would wonder why the air is so fresh. If you were entering a small flat it would feel spacious. You’ll then notice how Atem has influenced the surrounding environment creating enchanting shadows and inflections of colours.


What was the inspiration behind your idea?

I grew up in a huge house in the mountains, but when I left home and moved to the city I lived in a small flat. I experienced firsthand how hard it is to maintain a comfortable airy environment in such a small space. When I was developing the concept for Design Lab I visualised fresh wind blowing onto a window, with the air disappearing into the glass to travel inside. I was also inspired by clams which close their shells when they detect water pollutants.


What has it been like to be in the competition? 

It has been challenging deciding on the essential features for the concept. The most enjoyable aspect has been developing the concept, and improving on my original idea.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

Some friends were surprised – they didn’t expect it as I’m not very confident and don’t like to shout about my achievements.  My best friends weren’t – they know what I am capable of, but overall everyone has been behind me and I am really grateful for their support.


Thank you


  1. Marta Martins wrote:

    Congratulations Małgorzata! I find your idea most inovative and if it would really be produced it would be a great improvement to the lives of many!!

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