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2013-07-29 | 2 Comments

Ohita – air cleaner enabling you to take fresh air with you


Jorge Alberto Treviño Blanco from Mexico was juggling with as many as five ideas for the Design Lab competition, when experience with bad air quality lead him to focus on Ohita.


What interests you most about being a designer?

My passion for design is the result of a combination of two other passions: art and problem solving. When I was young I used to do ‘legal’ graffiti – it became my life and after years of practice, it nurtured an appreciation for aesthetics, helping me to shape and develop my design style.  With problem-solving, I enjoy thinking about ways to make a better planet, and interrogating the way things are made and done the way they are.  Design is a combination of these two passions and interests.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience Ohita in the home?

From an environmental perspective, instead of feeling guilt for turning a product on you feel glad to be helping so many people by reducing Co2 and minimising the greenhouse effect.    You’d be able to enjoy fresh country air and decorate the home with it.


What was the inspiration behind your idea?

I started working on the first stage submission a month and a half before the first deadline. I explored the three topics from the brief, and came up with five different concepts for each of the briefs.    However, a few weeks before the deadline I realised I couldn’t stop thinking about the product I’m working with.  This realisation coincided with a trip I made to Santiago, Chile where I got incredibly sick and suffered asthma attacks because of the bad air pollution.  On my return home I decided I should be working on something that could help people, specifically those living in cities where the air quality is poor.


What has it been like to be in the competition?
I’ve known about the Electrolux Design Lab competition ever since I started studying industrial design.  I’ve always enjoyed following the competition, so it became one of my objectives in my third semester to take part.   The wide range of innovative and creative ideas showcased in the competition has been a great source of inspiration.  It’s been really great to learn from the feedback given by the Electrolux professionals.  It’s also been a real challenge to improve my design skills, specifically visual development and to organise the project alongside my studies.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

My parents, girlfriend, friends and teachers have always been really supportive when it comes to my studies, and they were really happy when I was named one of the best 100 concepts.

My parents work together in my dad’s dental business and they enjoy telling their clients about my project and the Design Lab.   My parents only just recently told me that my uncles about the competition, and now they are saying I’m a role model for my younger cousins, inspiring them to study harder to achieve their dreams.

However, out of everyone I am the most ecstatic.   I am so happy to be a part of this competition, and to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring company.  Electrolux thank you so much for this experience.

Thank You!


  1. Sandra Blanco wrote:

    Seguiré apoyando éste gran diseño, que se me hace excelente.
    Y como mamá de un participante, les deseo suerte a todos los finalistas, porque sé del gran esfuerzo y dedicación que cada uno le debe estár dedicando a sus proyecto.

    Suerte para todos

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