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2013-07-30 | No Comments

Music Yue – the noise pollution converter


Huang Jiawei from China realized that due to noise pollution in our neighborhoods, sometimes even coming home can not help you to relax from stress. Music Yue noise converter can be the solution to this problem.



What interests you most about being a designer?

I am a naturally inquisitive person.  I’m always thinking about how things work, and coming up with random ideas.  Being a designer means I could make some of these ideas a reality.


Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience Music Yue in the home?

Sometimes all you want to do after returning home from work is to relax. With Music Yue it wouldn’t be a problem if your neighbours were having a party, as you could turn on the Music Yue and it would cancel out the noise.  Using gestures you could even trigger a soft melody, as you take a seat on the couch and enjoy a glass of wine.


What was the inspiration behind your idea?

There is a factory located close to my family home, and the knocking sounds generated by the machinery has long been a source of annoyance for my parents as well as their neighbours.  I have been trying to search for a solution to reduce the noises when I saw a “tuning fork” experiment in a lab, this sparked an interest in the tuning fork “resonance” principle – the inspiration behind my concept.


What has it been like to be in the competition?

The competition has allowed me to connect with a range of professionals and experts, enabling me to learn and also make new friends.  It’s also provided a number of challenges, including maintaining a balance between appearance and function, however, it’s been satisfying addressing and finding a solution to this challenge and the others I’ve faced.


How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

My family and friends are very proud of my success – they’ve all been really interested in talking to me about my concept.   I’ve also made a lot of new friends who share the same interest as a result of my work being shared on the internet.   I’ve even founded an innovation team named “Yellow Shadow”. There are just five team members at this moment and we’re hoping it will become a vehicle for the sharing of innovative ideas.

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