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2013-09-04 | No Comments

OZ-1 – a fashionable portable air purifier

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Rising health concerns in the hometown of Wei Kiat Law from Singapore gave inspiration to create a portable air cleaner which at the same time allows you to show off your fashion sense.

Wei Kiat Law – OZ-1


1. What interests you most about being a designer?

Drawing has been a hobby since I was young, so my interest in design has perhaps been driven by my passion for drawing, a skill that bridges imagination and creation.  I believe drawing is important as it allows designers to visualise their thoughts and illustrate ideas.


2.  Tell us how you imagine it would feel to experience OZ-1?

OZ-1 would release a significant amount of oxidant to neutralise harmful gases in the air while the integrated HEPA filter would help to trap dust and particles.   You may also choose to hide the device under their collar to makes the device subtler or displaying it by converting the device into a necklace to show off your fashion sense.


3.  What was the inspiration behind your idea? 

The idea came from creating a purifier specifically for cigarette smoke, but following suggestions from the judges it evolved to appeal to a broader market.  The development of OZ-1 coincided with the recent haze in Singapore, where the Pollutant Standards Index reached such an unhealthy level that everyone had to wear a mask when they were outside.  The haze not only affected health, but dampened moods, so with the design I wanted to incorporate fashion to lighten the situation with a product that could complement the users fashion style.


4.  What has it been like to be in the competition?

Aside from being a competition, I feel that the Design Lab is a platform for creative minds to gather and exchange ideas.   It’s been really exciting and rewarding to follow concepts by the other entrants evolve via their blogs.  In every competition, challenges enable a designer to grow, and in my case understanding the capabilities of technology and what it means for my concept has been mine.


5.  How have your friends and family reacted to your success in the competition so far?

My friends and family are really proud of me and what I’ve achieved so far. Aside from being encouraging, they’ve also given me suggestions and inspired me to develop my concept further.

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