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Functionality details.

The dynamic character is the key functionality of the COCO concept. When COCOs are touched integrated magnets are activated and the forces of magnets maintain the movement. This movement makes the air to flow through COCOs, though releasing scents and cleaning the air without consuming electrical energy.

There are been used so called permanent magnets which attract unmagnetized iron objects and can also attract or repel other magnets. Permanent magnets have two magnetic poles – North pole and South pole. Opposite poles attract each other, and like poles repel each other. Repulsion is the phenomen that makes COCOs to function.

A magnet is integrated in the case of COCO and when COCOs are grouped magnets are positioned at one level, though the same magnetic poles naturally tend to repel. Position of magnets at one level is attained by withholding the same distance between the attachment point and COCOs. The right position of magnets not only provides the repelling effect, but also avoids the attraction.

Touch to COCOs reveals dynamics and aromas that this peculiar air purifier diffuses around the living space.

– Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Feedman, A. Lewis Ford. Sears and Zemansky’s University Phisics 12th Edition: „Pearson International Edition” – chapter 27, page 916
– see the illustration of repelling effect:

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Consumer Insight.

The COCO air purifier improves living spaces by creating an atmosphere of a meadow freshness. It cleans the air from small dust particles and releases aromas of wild fragrant plants using environment friendly functional solution that does not require an electric energy.

The consumer experience study shows that inhabitants of urban houses are often not satisfied with the quality of air at their homes. Dry, dusty air and unpleasant odors are often mentioned problems. Asked about air fresheners like aerosols and sprays people mentioned they do not prefer to use them at their homes because of several reasons, where too strong and artificial scent was mentioned the most next to such lacks as necessity for frequent change and unattractive appearance.

COCO air purifier spreads a mild and subtle aroma composition created by inhabitants themselves as they can choose to mix various of aroma capsules and cleaning capsules for the best result suitable the every unique house.COCO has also been designed as a dynamic and eye catching home accessory that calls for interaction. COCO.For a better environment and fun at home. 

– Survey conducted by Kristīne Bula: Atmosphere and air quality at living spaces
– Research of Bristol University: Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Child

  • Consumer Insight.
  • Consumer Insight.

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Functionality Development OHITA

Ohita Functionality

Thinking of you, Ohita works under a series of technologies combining two air purification systems to provide the best quality air.

Powered by a Graphene SuperCapacitor, the BREATHING MECHANISM, helped by a horizontal fan, pulls air in through the left side ventilation holes, where dust particles are stopped by the optional self cleaning GORE-TEX filters. A vibrating system shakes, and cleans the filters when the product is turned off.

After this, air goes through a chamber of titanium dioxide coated rings, as with the Airocide Technology developed by the NASA, the titanium dioxide catalyst reacts with UV LEDs to kill every harmful pathogen, turning them into water vapour.

A pulverized bamboo charcoal screen is installed after the titanium rings chamber, this manages air humidity, absorbing the water vapour produced by the Airocide Technology. The use of bamboo charcoal increases the bamboo planting, reducing C02.

Finally, the air goes through the Replic’Air system powered by Smell-O-Vision Technology, placed next to the right side ventilation holes, which enables consumers to smell the different scents from specific places. With a recent development from the UCSD, and Samsung, a matrix of thin metal wires heats a bunch of different smells, blending them and making it possible to download, or replicate desired scents.

When the purified air goes out the ventilation wholes, it is pushed directly to the room, or the consumers face, allowing to breathe the best quality air.

  • Functionality Development OHITA
  • Functionality Development OHITA

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Consumer Insight OHITA

The Ohita Experience

Consumer Insight

Ohita provides consumers with the best quality air in both, indoor and outdoor spaces.
With a clip and vacuum suckers Ohita can be placed indoors on any flat surface, or used as a fashion product on our way through the city.

Studies show that in big cities traffic problems are increasing, forcing people to use public transport, and be exposed to polluted air. Also, with the world becoming connected via smartphones, people catch onto fashion trends faster.

Simply pick up one Ohita, and press on the clip to put it on bag straps or clothes. After reaching a destiny place it on the wall to join it with others. This blocks polluted air, and bad smells caused by rising temperatures.

The BREATHING MECHANISM allows an increase in the air capacity and filter big quantities of air. Breathing like a diaphragm, each Ohita cleans up to 2500ml of air on each breath, this being the standard amount of air in a normal person’s breath. This allows consumers to wear a small product with high filtering efficiency.

Ohitas can synchronize breathing, creating a relaxing kinetic sculpture.
Studies show that in big cities people suffer from stress when being in big crowds, and rushed. Specialists recommend deep breathing excercises.

With this mechanism, consumers can relax by sticking to their Ohita’s breathing rythm. Being in group, Ohitas simulate the movement of the ocean’s waves, or even the leaves on trees. This relaxes consumers, making their indoor space a connection to nature.

  • Consumer Insight OHITA
  • Consumer Insight OHITA

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Movements of a plant

I’d like to show a video presenting very sensitive plant – Mimosa Pudica. Fact that plant can react so fast and in so organised way really fascinates me. I imagine Atem’s cells ( or rather cell’s springs, to be more accurate) can react in this way. Fast, with natural smoothness, not in a ‘technical’ way, independently. Creating them I was thinking about leaves of plants, especially flowers’ leaves, which roll themselves for a night. I like to watch time lapse movies showing how forest wakes up after night. I really like natural mechanisms of plants, how they can enlarge leaf’s surface to catch more light, how they can open and close. The movements are also amazing – precise but calm, presenting the beauty of a plant.

Mimosa Pudica in action:

and in a time lapse:

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Final Stage Submission – Functionality

Functionality and Technology
Electrolux Global Chef utilizes Laser Plasma Hologram technology1 creating realistic holograms that the user can interact with. By focusing light to produce plasma excitation from the oxygen and nitrogen in the air, 3D images appear. Laser Plasma Hologram technology is currently being under development by and it is the first hologram technology that doesn’t need a surface. According to the scientists behind the invention, RGB colours, FPS rate will get better in the future. Recording2 and transmitting images of people exist today with traditional holograms. According to virtual reality experts, there will be ways for this recording technology to be applied to Laser Plasma Holograms in the future.
The interface is controlled by kinetic movements. This technology is developed and available today3 and would be implemented using a motion tracking camera built inside Global Chef. Controlling holograms by kinetic movements can be done today4.

The technologies used in Global Chef could theoretically be implemented today using glass surface holography, a large quantity of motion tracking cameras and huge data processing power. My aspiration is to take these technologies one step further into the future and develop a product that is compact, that uses no glass surface and that would be affordable for the future users. From dialogues with experts in the field of virtual reality, my estimation is that it would take around 40 years before this type of technology is working efficiently.

1. Laser Plasma Technology

2. Recording Holograms explained at CNN

3. Kinetic Interfaces

4. Holograms controlled by kinetic movements

  • Final Stage Submission – Functionality

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Final Stage Submission – Consumer Insight

Posting my final stage submission.. Enjoy!

Consumer Insight
Electrolux Global Chef mainly addresses the social shift in single household growth and user problems based on limited connectivity and loneliness, triggering poor eating habits. According to an article in Forbes1, studies show that people eating alone are more prone to eat three times more than they would normally do. The same article describes that eating alone make people eat faster and more due to that
it takes around 20 minutes for the brain to register fullness. Another article in Psychology Today2 show that married men eat more vegetables compared to single men. These studies show that eating alone has a direct effect on problems associated with obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Consumer research and statistics made it evident that people eat less, healthier and better tasting food when cooking with others.

Addressing the Problem
The key consumer insight found through research and interviews is the desire for users to experience learning, social interaction and connectivity with friends, family and new cultures regardless of distance. Global Chef is a product that addresses both the problems of unhealthy eating among single dwellers and the desire for consumers to connect on a new level by implementing laser plasma hologram technology, making the social cooking experience ground breaking in terms of connectivity and cross globe interac- tion. Global Chef fights loneliness and unhealthiness while promoting and maintaining cross cultural learning and family bonds.


  • Final Stage Submission – Consumer Insight

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