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2013-08-09 | 1 Comment

Consumer Insight OHITA

The Ohita Experience

Consumer Insight

Ohita provides consumers with the best quality air in both, indoor and outdoor spaces.
With a clip and vacuum suckers Ohita can be placed indoors on any flat surface, or used as a fashion product on our way through the city.

Studies show that in big cities traffic problems are increasing, forcing people to use public transport, and be exposed to polluted air. Also, with the world becoming connected via smartphones, people catch onto fashion trends faster.

Simply pick up one Ohita, and press on the clip to put it on bag straps or clothes. After reaching a destiny place it on the wall to join it with others. This blocks polluted air, and bad smells caused by rising temperatures.

The BREATHING MECHANISM allows an increase in the air capacity and filter big quantities of air. Breathing like a diaphragm, each Ohita cleans up to 2500ml of air on each breath, this being the standard amount of air in a normal person’s breath. This allows consumers to wear a small product with high filtering efficiency.

Ohitas can synchronize breathing, creating a relaxing kinetic sculpture.
Studies show that in big cities people suffer from stress when being in big crowds, and rushed. Specialists recommend deep breathing excercises.

With this mechanism, consumers can relax by sticking to their Ohita’s breathing rythm. Being in group, Ohitas simulate the movement of the ocean’s waves, or even the leaves on trees. This relaxes consumers, making their indoor space a connection to nature.

  • Consumer Insight OHITA
  • Consumer Insight OHITA


  1. Alex Karimi wrote:

    Wow!!! That is amazing My family and I live in Southern CA. I would Definitely buy one of these Ohita for my 8YR old daughter that has very Bad Chronic Asthma. Please keep me posted when you have the available for purchase.

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