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2013-08-09 | 1 Comment

Functionality Development OHITA

Ohita Functionality

Thinking of you, Ohita works under a series of technologies combining two air purification systems to provide the best quality air.

Powered by a Graphene SuperCapacitor, the BREATHING MECHANISM, helped by a horizontal fan, pulls air in through the left side ventilation holes, where dust particles are stopped by the optional self cleaning GORE-TEX filters. A vibrating system shakes, and cleans the filters when the product is turned off.

After this, air goes through a chamber of titanium dioxide coated rings, as with the Airocide Technology developed by the NASA, the titanium dioxide catalyst reacts with UV LEDs to kill every harmful pathogen, turning them into water vapour.

A pulverized bamboo charcoal screen is installed after the titanium rings chamber, this manages air humidity, absorbing the water vapour produced by the Airocide Technology. The use of bamboo charcoal increases the bamboo planting, reducing C02.

Finally, the air goes through the Replic’Air system powered by Smell-O-Vision Technology, placed next to the right side ventilation holes, which enables consumers to smell the different scents from specific places. With a recent development from the UCSD, and Samsung, a matrix of thin metal wires heats a bunch of different smells, blending them and making it possible to download, or replicate desired scents.

When the purified air goes out the ventilation wholes, it is pushed directly to the room, or the consumers face, allowing to breathe the best quality air.

  • Functionality Development OHITA
  • Functionality Development OHITA


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