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Molecular composition of food

To identify the components of food when desmaterialized, I studied the molecular composition of mostly food.
It was identified that mostly food are made of 20 basics molecules. Therefore using this molecules, Atomium concept has the intention of composing a big capacity of different meals and tastes.

  • Molecular composition of food

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Interaction between Atomium and user

Brief explanation of the interaction and use of Atomium.
1. Option of Atomium’ colors in market
2. The first use of Atomium consists on the register of the users. This way each user can create his own food. When the person touches the product, it will recognize automatically the data of the user by fingerprint and connect the individual to his medical data and activities as schools, sports, etc.
3. Process of Atomium turning on: user pokes the machine (recognition of fingerprint); interior light of Atomium and shake as waking up.
4. During the use step of the product there are two possible sequences: the child chooses what he wants to eat and speak this to Atomium (voice identification) and/or shows a sketch, toy, sculpture, picture to the product so it can recognize the desired shape of the meal (camera for visual identification).
5. In the end of these steps Atomium starts to print the food. The molecular ingredients will be selected based on the individual data recognized by the fingerprint to construct a healthy meal with nutritional balance for the body of the user.

  • Interaction between Atomium and user

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Concept study

With the information research done and all the requirements from the user/industry already in mind, I started the concept part.

For this part I developed sketches and some clay models that were really important to understand the shapes and how they could interact with the food and the kids.

With the concept selected I did two rough mock ups to understand the right size of the product.

  • Concept study
  • Concept study

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Study case with the target user

The second and third steps of the study with kids were made with a group of forty children (5 to 10 years old) in two schools in Brazil.
For this step I wanted to understand what the children thought about the future of cooking.
Thus first of all I showed a small video with some cartoons to inspire the “futuristic feeling”, so the children could be involved to the scenario. Afterwards I asked them how would be the future of cooking and how would be the food of the future?
After the discussion I asked them to do sketches.
The reaction was really good and inspiring. And they thoughts was related to automatic preparation of food throw user order.
The third activity was made to see the reaction of children to receive a healthy playful shape food.
Two groups of children were divided to eat sandwichs made of: cheese, chicken sauce and salad. One grooup ate the traditional aesthetic sanswich and the other ate it with a playful aesthetic, which had car, boat or train shape.

Before give the snack was asked what children liked to eat and if they liked fruits and salad. Most of them answered that didn’t like vegetables at all. Although 97% of the children liked the sandwich and repeated the snack.

The children are motivated to eat when the food and context/scenarios are playful. They stop thinking about how they don’t like fruits and vegetables even when had never tasted it before (food prejudice).
For the children the future of cooking will be through preparing automatically food, by controls that identify the desire of the users.

  • Study case with the target user
  • Study case with the target user

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Study case with the target user

As a first approach with the target user I made study cases which were divided into 3 activities. The first exercise was made with 3 kids of 8, 9 and 10 years old. For this activity I wanted to see how they react with a simple task: “Do a sandwich with different shape.” Were available for the kids different kinds of bread, vegetables, cheese, ham and sauces.
The reaction was really good. They took as a pleasurable activity discussing with each other ways to help and creating different ways to solve the task. Since the beginning they discussed which shape would be built their meal, and the result was preferred cartoons.
The activity was so excited and so pleasurable that the parents also came to participate creating their own sandwiches. Although the exercise shown me that the playful activity can involve pleasurable the member of family/friendship/etc.
Also, as a result, generally speaking, children don’t like to eat healthy food, but in this case they ate and constructed that food without thinking that it was a vegetable, but was a part of a “game”.

  • Study case with the target user
  • Study case with the target user

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Future behavior Moodboard

To understand the family and the children of the future I created a mood board of future scenario.
Some points are important as:
– Family will decrease the size on 3 or 4 people at maximum
– Parents will be very busy and will have less time to take care of the kids. For this reason kids will occupy time with extra classes’ activities, will have more time alone at home and for this reason will have to mature earlier and learn home activities earlier as well.
– The social media will increase
– All type of home data and products will be connected in the future
– Communication between children and parents will be more virtual
– Children will be educated by “computers” and by themselves.

  • Future behavior Moodboard

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Research process: home, sustainability and target user

During the researching process, I found some interesting data that helped the first steps of the project.
The use phase of a home appliance is the most consumer stage of the Life Cycle. This phase consists on the usage of the product and consumption and waste of water/energy. Therefore the project should consider the user behavior to solve better the sustainable elements of the project.
The research was focused on the home itself, to check where increases the waste inside of it. Thus as a result I discovered that the kitchen is the responsible for most of the waste in a house nowadays.
Going in deep on this subject I found that the package, the food and drink are the most responsible for the kitchen waste and it helped a lot to understand which was the real problem of the kitchen and why it is like that.

The project considered also the domestic accidents and how it is related with the age of the children.
One important fact is that children are becoming fatter nowadays, which results into diseases that compromises the welfare of the kid. For example in Brazil the obesity is reaching the 34% of the kids’ population and it is a very alarming situation, because normally they keep this behavior and habits till their adult life.
Because of this important fact was quite compulsory to develop some options to try to create some new healthy habits and also the future product should generate a healthy and safe meal (considering the act of cooking).

  • Research process: home, sustainability and target user
  • Research process: home, sustainability and target user

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The process of Family meal with Atomium

The product Atomium transforms the process of meal into its real meaning: preserve the integration of the family while eating.
6. The meal is prepared with all family, each member decides the taste and aesthetic of their food. The aesthetic of the food can be made with the recognition by Atomium of drawings, sculptures and pictures shown to it. The members can create their all aesthetics.
7. Atomium prints each meal with the taste and aesthetic desired. As the playful aesthetic of the meal created by the user, children can be motivated to eat with pleasure.
With this home appliance the family can true eat together, and this moment can be appreciated as a family integration and socialization.

  • The process of Family meal with Atomium

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