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2 Stage - Concept Development

Handy and useful F3D is the ideal item for any event, to always carry with us the experience and the convenience of an healthy and "intelligent" meal.

  • f3d - Stage - Concept Development
  • f3d - Stage - Concept Development

The stressful life of modern times, in most cases, lead people leave out some of the basic needs for an healthy life, with no exception for meals. Preparing a sudden meal, meant to be eaten outside, is an habitual action for a lot of people; some others has the habit of eating junk food at fastfoods. The repetition of these behaviors leads to the evolution of unhealthy habits.
A balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy life. The project is based on the evolution of the action to prepare lunch at home before starting the day.
The difference is that with F3D, through a personal identification system, we will have an "ad hoc" meal according to our tastes and food needs, without worrying what is best for us.
But with F3D we can also do more things, because it is not only a personal object. Mealtime should remain a moment of social sharing and aggregation, for this reason F3D can be used by more people at the same time, through the idea of social cooking, where different consumers use the same ingredients to create different recipes.
In a world in which the place where we live is different from the one where we spend most of the day, we tend to organize and optimize our time to do whatever we want. For this reason the object was thought to be transported and used in different contexts (lunch at work, picnic with friends, a sudden dinner before going somewhere).
But how does it work?
F3D prepares dishes like a 3d printer produces a physical object. The tapered shape of the object, and the lack of sharp edges make it practical to be carried around.
We use it horizontally. At the bottom, where the printing of the food takes place, there is a slight deformation which allows the stability of the object and which is the dish that we use during the mealtime. In the upper part there are places for the ingredients insertion. This is possible thanks to the special capsule designed like small food-boxes, also usable independently to store food.
Once inserted, ingredients are recognized so F3D can propose possible recipes discarding those that are not appropriate for the diet of the consumer. In fact, thanks to its constant use, the object will recognize the eating habits of the user, which can be eventually corrected.
Finally, a digital simple and intuitive interface allows us to choose from a list forms and recipes that we want to print.
Handy and useful F3D is the ideal item for any event, to always carry with us the experience and the convenience of an healthy and "intelligent" meal.

Expert feedback, stage 2

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1 Stage - My concept

No time, a stressful life and bad diet. Solution: A food3Dprinter. You could put in the ingredients to prepare the meal later. Pocket size, and funny.

  • f3d - Stage - My concept

The project was born from the need of a better diet but we don't have time to prepare the recipes to control our diet especially because, often we are not at home and we are forced to eat in an unhealthy way.
The solution may be a 3D printer for food that is inspired by bento boxes and thermos. It practical and small, it could hold the ingredients to prepare the meals later, depending on the user's diet. You could use it also at home to have an interactive meal in where you could quickly prepare different food during the meal.
Useful and funny, it can be brought everywhere, it also can be used to make tasty those foods that children normally would not like thanks to special shapes and different composition that you can create.

Expert feedback, stage 1

This could be a relevant and flexible solution for the fast phase of urban living. We are interested in hearing more about the consumer insights regarding the functions from the user’s perspective and how it can be further developed.

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