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2 Stage - Concept Development

My concept is based in the fact that the smell plays an important role as gatherer of people during a recipe preparation.

  • FlexiBowl - Stage - Concept Development
  • FlexiBowl - Stage - Concept Development

For the second stage of the Design Lab, I decided to incorporate new technologies that make the preparation process simpler and more playful. The bowl will keep its malleable characteristic to facilitate the disposal of the liquid or dough, allowing the user to shape the bowl through his/her own hands. A smart capability has been added to the base with several versatile uses. The base allows the bowl to spin mechanically. It also connects to your mobile (or any other device), where you can choose or store new recipes. The display will then show you the right quantity of each ingredient to be added to the process. The bowl itself is surrounded by a flexible LED net, which will light up to show you need to fill it with the ingredient, and gradually turn off as you add the right amount. For the visually impaired, the bowl may also be voice activated and vibrate slightly to show you have reached the desired amount.

The base can also serve as a timer (integrated with your cellphone to allow greater mobility) and an oven thermometer, so that it assists with all the stages of the preparation.

Taking into consideration the social aspect of how people feel instigated to gather and be together through the compelling smell of a food or desert being prepared, I decided to expand that into a broader aspect. Each bowl will come with a unique code associated to its utilization. When shared with friends, they can register their own devices with your bowl. When the bowl is being used, your friends will then receive a message of what’s being prepared and even what other foods/beverages go with that recipe so that they can come over and be part of that tasting. The smart base can be attached to other bowls with different sizes, to allow simultaneous preparations of sauces, icings, egg whites whisking, or whatever the recipe demands.

Expert feedback, stage 2

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1 Stage - My concept

To cook is to share a passion, be it for the act itself or the food you eat. The FlexiBowl allows you to do so in a natural, almost organic way.

  • FlexiBowl - Stage - My concept

In my researches, I realized my target audience appreciated both sharing their preparations and the effortless action of dealing with the preparation itself. They valued the interaction gathered from handling the meal, and the simplicity from using their own hands as utensils. Thinking of interaction, I decided to make a product that would help make the process more intuitive and integrated with the body's natural movements, so the cook could easily incorporate the activity. The bowl is made of silicon, thicker on the lower part so that it assures its stability, and thinner in the upper part so it assures malleability and hand control. It takes the necessary shape to pour its contents, making the task easier regardless of the size of the pan. The bottom part of the bowl also has a rotating base, and it is angled to allow the person to set it in a different inclination over the counter. The parts are separable for easier cleaning.

Expert feedback, stage 1

Very inspiring thinking with the movement and interaction interaction with the product – how could this conceptual thinking be further developed into futuristic design solutions and how could the social aspect of cooking be emphasized?

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2013-04-30 | No Comments

The process

First of all, thank you all for your votes and thank you Design Lab for your hint. We are devoting our time to develop an enhanced version of this project following that criteria – and I think we are getting there :)

Some innovation and smart thinking may be coming this way, so stay tuned!