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2 Stage - Concept Development

Twister is a simple product with a boomerang -like design which promises to clean your house without any effort.

  • Twister - Stage - Concept Development
  • Twister - Stage - Concept Development

Domestic cleaning is a daily chore, which demands time and attention from everyone who lives in a household. Maintaining the environment clean without dirt or filth, which provide the proliferation of germs and microorganisms and is unhealthy, is a modern challenge.

The proposal of the revolutionary Electrolux Twister is to directly attack the main concentration points of these agents by sterilization with ultraviolet rays (these ultraviolet rays have the immense potent power of penetrating and destroying live matter through the means of transition of the electrons that are located in the outer shell of an atom) and a Steam Diffuser (the vapor created by the steam diffuser separates and dissolves the filth which is made up of germs and bacteria’s).

The great advantage of the Electrolux Twister is that it can do all these chores automatically. The first thing the user has to do is to fuel up the Twister with water in its container. By turning on the device through the iPhone App one is able to activate it, deactivate it, configure it, and pause activities. All of this through your cellular device, regardless of your location.

Utilizing special sensors, which have the power to read the environment around it, Twister is able to navigate itself through your household without hitting or damaging any objects, animals, or people that might be walking around when it is cleaning. Right after Twister finishes its cleaning process, the Air Wick comes in to play by leaving a pleasant smell in the environment.

The main inspirations for Twisters design came from the design of Boomerangs. They are small, fast, and agile objects, which bring simplicity to its greatest level, and their design communicates well with the consumers. Located in its far ends, one finds three electrically motorized helices, which will make the object take off and maneuver through the environment. The helices are constructed with a low-weighted plastic of efficient technology, which guarantee durability and precision. Twisters round borders were designed with the primary purpose of having an ergonomic characteristic and to provide safety to its users. Its small size is especially ideal when cleaning your house because it is able to effectively reach difficult places like below furniture. Another unique feature Twister has is that it is completely soundless and it occupies little to no space. One can be sleeping at night while Twister silently and effectively cleans the house.

Twister is the perfect product for the urban dwellers which deals with the day-to-day stresses of the urban life. It keeps your house clean while the consumer has to no effort whatsoever. In the end, the consumer ends up looking at Twister with a different eye. Besides having a very simple and elegant design to it, Twister also transmits a very futuristic and friendly feeling to its users.

Expert feedback, stage 2

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1 Stage - My concept

It reaches difficult places, its soundless, and above all easy to use. It's a cleaning appliance and it's name is Twister.

  • Twister - Stage - My concept
  • Twister - Stage - My concept

Twister was inspired on a boomerang, having a more futuristic design; he proposes disinfect your home without any effort. Simply turn on the device and through an iPhone app or your wireless computer, you are able to control it down, up, right or left. Twister also has an automatic pilot function which allows to further enhance the effortless cleaning experience. It uses three small propellers to remain stable and push itself in air. It has steam diffusers(vapor) and ultraviolet rays (UV) that are located in the bottom of the object, these two components play a vital role in sterilizing the filth in your house. At the top of the object one can find three aromatizing devices that will play an important role in leaving a pleasant smell in the environment, while at the same time, cleaning it. Located in the inferior part of the object, Twister counts with one electromagnetic plate which will attract and trap dirt using the power of its positive and negative charges. Located in the lateral sides of the object, one can find small sensors that will help guide the object through the environment so it doesn’t crash during autopilot mode. Twister will work through the use of a rechargeable battery to further economize energy and money that otherwise would have been spent in regular batteries. Twister is simple, useful, and pleasing to the human eye, at that’s what makes it such a good product.

Expert feedback, stage 1

The shape and look of the concept are appealing and interesting, but the size could be clarified. We would also like to hear more about the consumer insight and how it affects the design and functionality.

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